We’re obsessed with the bucketloads of good within each piece of our irresistible fried chicken. KFC makes sure its preparation, presentation, and taste meet the same impeccably high standards, regardless of where you are visiting one of our restaurants.

That’s why we use the highest quality whole muscle chickens that comply with local animal rights legislation, and why our food is always freshly prepared by our amazing team members in our kitchens.

At KFC, we believe in being transparent and providing our customers with enough information to enable them to make informed choices. We also believe it’s important to lead an active lifestyle and follow a balanced diet. This includes noting the energy content and allergens in our food.

After all, we want our customers to have a finger lickin’ good experience while enjoying our food.

Nutrition & Allergens

Understanding our food

Great tasting products and guaranteed freshness are everything to KFC. We are open and honest about our product quality and the ingredients contained therein. Because we believe it is important to live an active lifestyle and eat a well-balanced diet, we want to make sure you are aware of the nutritional value of our menu items.

We also provide a customisable nutritional calculator you can use to see how many kilojoules your meal contains, as well as the weight of its protein, carbohydrates, and fat, amongst many others.

So, go on, see what’s inside your favourite KFC meal.

Sourcing & provenance

Local is lekker

That’s what KFC believes.

The larger majority of KFC's finger lickin' good chicken is sourced right here in South Africa. It’s the same with the other fresh produce we use, which goes onto our tasty menu, like coleslaw, tomatoes, and our delicious fries.

KFC does this because we recognise our responsibility to support the communities in which we operate. Sourcing our produce locally is one of the ways KFC helps improve people’s lives, develop suppliers and other enterprises, increase employment, and drive transformation.


AT KFC South Africa, we are unwavering in our goal to provide delicious meals that are 100% real chicken, freshly prepared in our restaurants and sourced from suppliers who ensure that chickens are well cared for and healthy throughout their lives.

The overwhelming majority of our chicken is locally sourced, we seek to source cage-free eggs in accordance with industry leading animal welfare standards and we take the utmost care to work with suppliers who have the welfare of chickens at the heart of their operations. As we continue this journey, we are always looking for new ways to raise our welfare standards.

Freedom from discomfort

All birds are housed in an appropriate environment that includes shelter and a comfortable resting area.

Freedom to express normal behaviour

The animals that we source are raised with sufficient space, proper facilities and the company of their own kind.

Freedom from fear and distress

Our suppliers help ensure conditions and treatment that prevent stress in animals.

Freedom from hunger or thirst

Our suppliers help ensure that all poultry have been raised with ready access to fresh water and a well-balanced diet.

Freedom from pain, injury or disease

KFC requires that all suppliers and their partners are committed to disease prevention in all animals, as well as rapid diagnosis and treatment of any health issues that arise.

Taste Guarantee

If it's not Mmmm, we'll swop it!

Our secret to serving delicious Original Recipe™ Chicken isn’t just in our recipe; it’s in everything we do. We’ll go to any length to provide our customers with an irresistible taste. And that’s our Taste Guarantee. If our customers aren’t 100% happy with their meal, we’ll swop it.

That’s our promise.

Of course, Ts and Cs apply.