Unlocking opportunities to feed potential

Our people are more than their job titles. We believe that within everyone lies bucketloads of good and want to provide a place where they can become the best version of themselves.

This means committing to creating space and opportunity for everyone to feel safe and holistically supported, because we understand that if we treat our people well, they’ll excel in all that they do.

That is why we’ve introduced the Fast Food Services Management Learnership programme for our internal employees. This 12-month learnership programme run in partnership with Imsimbi Training aims to uplift and elevate their skills. It provides on-the-job training, related to their field of study. This sets them on an accelerated path for possible future leadership development within the business with a nationally recognised qualification.

But that’s not all; the KFC Streetwise Academy houses three additional internship programmes for graduates and experienced hires with grand visions of changing the world. The Restaurant General Manager Internship is primarily for those who want to advance into higher operational roles at KFC, the Graduate Development Programme is for new graduates, and the Management Development Programme is for those who want to pursue a career in management.

We’re passionate about unlocking true potential. So, employees won’t just learn how to do the job they’re hired for here – we’ll bring out their best by equipping them with the tools, skills and knowledge they need to grow. They will learn the way the Colonel would want – with heart. And become all that they can be and more.

After all, we believe in unlocking opportunity to feed potential.