21 September 2022

Bucketloads of Good inspired by the cultural wealth of South Africa

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KFC’s 50-year presence at the southern tip of Africa, has been an exhilarating adventure. Serving more than 20 million customers a month, we work hard to not only stay true to our secret recipe and taste guarantee, but to our brand purpose – inspired by a solid cultural heritage and a fusion of diversity that makes South Africa absolutely unique.

KFC’s heritage in South Africa is undeniable as one of the country’s leading quick service restaurant franchises. We strive to lead from the heart in all that we do, with a whole-hearted belief in doing what’s right and, for us, this means celebrating South Africa’s unique culture, feeding our future and our people’s potential.

Heritage is much deeper than merely food – in fact, we believe that purpose must be ‘cooked’ into the very fabric of the business. It’s about intention: a single-minded intention to do our part to make the world a better place. For us, heritage also means being a part of the fabric of society and ensuring that we invest into the South African communities that we serve - beyond our food.

Over the past 50 years, we have entrenched the spirit of giving back, inspired by our roots and fuelled by the people, passion and potential we see.

We have always aimed to truly drive the spirit of youth development - after all they are the future and the legacy of our country – and every day we are inspired by their tenacity and originality. More than ever, we’re committed to helping the youth across all walks of life to reach their full potential through access to food, opportunities and uplifting the communities in which we serve.

Add Hope

The pandemic and numerous restrictions, food insecurity in South Africa has increased where people who used to be able to fend for themselves are now unable to. In fact, if we consider that community-driven initiatives are among the fastest growing mechanisms for channelling development assistance and changing futures, especially in the current market, it is very clear that feeding schemes and NPOs have a much bigger role to play in formulating a broader social impact for truly delivering hope. And KFC Add Hope aims to support these organisations in doing just that.

The programme has grown to serving more than 30 million meals per year and is the second biggest feeding scheme after the government. Since 2009, more than 250 million meals have been served with a bold ambition of 500 million meals by 2030.

We believe that our response to the hunger crisis has been swift and we have been able to mobilise our network to not only ramp up on food parcels in the areas and communities in which we serve, but to expand our reach as well. In 2022 alone, KFC committed an additional R3 million to food relief over the flooding period to ensure we were able to reach even more communities. Due to continued efforts by our beneficiary organisations on the ground and together with our customers who donate their R2 every day, we have been able to steadily increase the reach and scale of the Add Hope relief feeding efforts with over 250 million meals having been donated since the inception of the programme to date.

KFC Mini-Cricket

Similarly, our KFC Mini-Cricket programme has introduced children to the game of cricket whilst also teaching tomorrow’s stars the fundamentals of teamwork, leadership and self-belief. Currently hosting more than 120 000 youngsters annually across South Africa, the programme levels the playing fields for these kids to unlock potential across all genders, races and social backgrounds from the most urban through to rural South Africa.

This year the programme celebrates 40 years and is a great example of how sport creates a platform to level the playing field for our children and unite communities across the country.
KFC Ikusasa Lethu Scholarship

country. It does this by providing access to quality education to deserving learners whose parents work for a KFC restaurant and to children who are Add Hope beneficiaries across South Africa – many of whom come from a single-mother headed household. The scholarship was designed in partnership with the Curro Group of Schools who have 76 campuses across the 9 provinces. The programme is not only focused on providing educational opportunities, but also about upskilling our youth and making sure they have a solid platform and support system to prepare them for the challenges of adolescence and adulthood – so that they can reach their full potential.

These programmes are the fuel of driving forth a generation that have opportunity and can build a better tomorrow. And isn’t that what Heritage is all about: Leaving something behind for the future generations?

Now that’s not just a recipe for great chicken. It’s a recipe for good and a cultural celebration that is well worth reflecting on.