Let’s level the playing field for our children

Let’s give them the heart to put runs on the scoreboard, soar beyond barriers and limits, and learn the value of teamwork. Let’s give them bucketloads of good opportunities.

KFC Mini-Cricket, in partnership with Cricket SA, gives boys and girls between 3 and 12 their first taste of cricket, one of South Africa’s most loved sports.

It’s the largest national grassroots sports programme in the country, with over 120 000 children taking part, getting active, and making new friends.

 And it’s not just a love of the game our young champions develop. It’s a love of a healthy lifestyle, one that steers them away from drugs, gangsterism, teenage pregnancies and other disadvantages.

KFC have sent the kids on tours with our national team, the Proteas, to learn from the best, with an extraordinary number of the children going on to play cricket at that same national level.

Our programme is supported by 16 different cricket unions across South Africa. And it goes even further, attracting over 13 000 volunteer coaches, tireless men and women who support our young cricketers as they learn to love the game of cricket.

So yes, we’re passionate about investing in the youth through the KFC Mini-Cricket programme because KFC believes it’s more than just a game.

After all, it is about getting the most out of life’s innings.


Help them get the most out of life’s innings

We believe that KFC Mini-Cricket is about more than just the game, it’s an opportunity to teach our children valuable life skills and social skills such as teamwork and discipline, while promoting a balanced and active lifestyle.

It’s not just Mini-Cricket. It’s a game that inspires greatness


At KFC, we believe that our brand is so much more than just finger lickin’ good:

It’s about ensuring that every child is filled with confidence, peace of mind, trust, excitement and a belief in their own potential and abilities.

From the first ball bowled, our involvement was intentional, and purpose driven – knowing that we were not only partnering with Cricket South Africa to develop the pipeline of professional players but shaping future community members, role models and leaders too.

Our strategy is to impact lives beyond the boundary

Our strategy is to ensure that our graduates grow to become role models; community leaders and cricket lovers and that for everyone, self-belief is built from inside to out.


Are you part of a cricket club, school youth or sports group?