02 November 2022

KFC Mini-Cricket: It’s not just about the cricket

Levelling the playing field beyond the boundaries.

From the first ball bowled, our involvement was intentional, and purpose driven – knowing that we were not only partnering with Cricket South Africa to develop the pipeline of professional players but shaping future community members, role models and leaders too. Our strategy is to impact lives beyond the boundary, ensuring that our graduates grew to become role models; community leaders and cricket lovers and that for everyone, self-belief was built from inside to out.

At KFC, we believe that our brand is so much more than just finger lickin’ good: It’s about ensuring that every child is filled with confidence, peace of mind, trust, excitement and a belief in their own potential and abilities. The decision to continue being a partner to the Mini Cricket programme is based on being able to partner to feed the potential of the kids of South Africa whilst also being a part of a programme that is inclusive to South Africans from all walks of life.

Whilst there’s still so much more to achieve, we reflect on the success of KFC Mini-Cricket to date, taking pride in our joint achievements in teaching tomorrows heroes to laugh, learn and lead – both inside and outside of the boundary ropes.

This year CSA celebrates 40 years of Mini-Cricket, which translates into many years of unearthing some of the best talent in cricket and creating real sports fans of the game.

For more information on the KFC Mini-Cricket programme, see the link below