20 November 2022

Childline FS (CLFS) - Children’s Rights must be protected always

CLFS is an organisation that was founded in 1914 by a group of volunteers who identified a need for welfare services in the community. The first social worker was appointed in 1938 to provide community rehabilitation services, offer social relief to families and care for neglected and abused children. In 1965 a Child Welfare Society was established in Heidedal and in August 1996 the Societies of Child and Family Welfare Bloemfontein and Heidedal merged to take on the responsibility of child protection in Bloemfontein, Heidedal and Mangaung.

As one of the Add Hope beneficiary partners, our partnership with CLFS began in 2019 and they are an NPO that focuses on child protective services. And part of this means ensuring the children they work with are given a safe space, where they are cared for and protected, and given the right nutrition on a daily basis. And that is where Add Hope comes in: KFC provides them with a total of 383 808 meals a year – that’s over 1051 meals a day.

Should you or anyone you know, need any help in the Free State, CLFS has a 24 hour toll free helpline for children and their families who have been victims of violence. Click here for more details.